I share something with T. S. Eliot

This TED blog shows how diverse people’s creative processes are http://blog.ted.com/2013/07/31/julie-taymor-and-other-creative-minds-share-how-they-start-their-incredibly-unique-works/.

I couldn’t help but feel some sort of brotherhood with T. S. Eliot, who was quoted as saying: 

“To me it seems that at these moments, which are characterised by the sudden lifting of the burden of anxiety and fear which presses upon our daily life so steadily that we are unaware of it, what happens is something negative: that is to say, not ‘inspiration’ as we commonly think of it, but the breaking down of strong habitual barriers — which tend to re-form very quickly. Some obstruction is momentarily whisked away.”

I think he is using the word negative to mean the removal of something oppressive, which I guess is a legitimate positive experience.  I do get a real feeling of clarity and energy when I am ‘in the zone’ and creating something special.  However, I find it’s hard to go from worrying about what to have for tea, and whether or not I blocked the cat-flap before I left for work so the puppy can’t sneak into the house and chew Finn’s bike to strategising about how best to structure our next fundraising round, and how to solve a seemingly impossible engineering problem.  From detail-focused to blue-sky-thinking – it’s quite a leap!  

I’m searching for tips and techniques to help me make this transition more smoothly. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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