*TAP TAP* 1, 2, 3, testing ….

Creeeak …. ahem (taps the microphone as feedback whistles through the speakers).  My pulse is racing, but I’m not sure whether I am about to send my first post into oblivion, or to a potential retrospective audience of *dozens* (hey, a girl’s got to have dreams).

I’ve read so many great blogs that I have to admit, I feel quite a bit of pressure to produce something that is also capable of inspiring, connecting, educating, empathising or laughing with others, in the same way that I have been inspired, educated, empathised and connected with, and brought to laughter and tears (sometimes at the same time – mostly from blogs like this one http://www.annsrants.com/).

So, is this the part where we go around the room and introduce ourselves?  Like at a seminar?  Oh, ok.  And I guess, seeing as I’m the only one in the room at the moment, I’ll go first.

Hi, I’m Trace Ward.  I’m the CEO of fledgling company About Tack Limited.  We are developing a cool new saddle technology, that will help improve the performance, and most importantly welfare of ridden horses.

I’ve been working on this for four years or so (I like to think of this as my unofficial PhD …. hey, I can make up a mean certificate for my wall at a later date), I have read nothing but saddle / horse / pressure / engineering / design / business related texts for nearly five years.  I am officially a saddle NERD.  I am also a business novice, hence the inclusion of the business texts (the Harvard Review magazine although expensive, is brilliant).  As I write, I am working from a text book on how to create “brilliant” project plans, and have a word document open with my first attempt at a draft of an upcoming major project.

I have a wonderful husband.  Actually, I technically don’t have him, it’s not nice to think that just because you’re married you become each others property – but he chooses to continue to live with me for the most part.  He’s talented, creative, and unfailingly supportive of my saddle nerdship.  He thinks we’re going to be able to retire off of it some day.

I also have a son.  Again, technically, I don’t own him, but it’s hard to see what else it is, as he has no choice whether to live with us or not.  He’s two.  And a half.  And he has a half brother somewhere, most likely within driving distance of Glasgow.  Confused?  Yup.  It’s all legit, honest.  I’ll fill you in later.

Our family are guardians (see, I know the PC term for this one!) of two dogs, one of whom is a puppy with a cleft palate.  She wouldn’t have had a shot at life if it wasn’t for the wonderful advice from Hennwood Labradors (see http://hennwood.tripod.com/cleft_pup_info.htm).  Another sterling example of the value of a shared global online community.  Now if is wasn’t for the pesky misuse of our data, online life would be just great.  On that topic – check out the video here: http://iam.bradleymanning.org/.

We are also slaves to two cats, a brother and a sister, cleverly named boy cat and girl cat (see what we did there?).  

So … that’s about it for me … I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with all of you.  I have a feeling that it’s about to get a little crazy (hopefully in a good way), which is one of the reasons that I started this blog.  I’m going to be needing some inspiration myself, and hopefully I can inspire some of you too.

Now, who’s next for introductions?  You over there – in front of the monitor – yes, you.  How about you go next?

Note: Two of the dogs in the image below are not ours – however the black one and the golden puppy are.  


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